Our civil litigators have extensive experience in the following areas:


Real Estate Litigation

Seasoned Litigators for Real Estate Disputes

Our firm handles business formation, real estate contracts and complex litigation matters. Our lawyers have handled many real estate transaction disputes in excess of one million dollars. In 2012, the Bentley Firm assisted our client obtain a 75 Million Dollar Judgment in a Breach of Contract claim based on a breach of complex Master Credit Facility, which was the highest nonjury verdict in the state of Georgia that year. The Bentley Firm has been successful in matters involving defending cases filed by lending institutions and associations seeking to wrongfully foreclose, and Fred Bentley, Jr. was successful in Falstaff and Griesedick v. John Mecum involving ownership interests in the New Orleans Saints.

 Whether it be a small contract dispute or a large complex business matter, our firm has the expertise to obtain great results for you.

If you need help with any real estate matter, call us today at (770)-422-2300.

Business Litigation

Our firm handles complex business litigation matters including banking disputes, real estate matters, and various contract cases. In one case, our firm obtained a settlement against a lending institution in which a property under contract valued at just under one million dollars was deeded to our client at no cost. 

While such results are unusual, our firm has the expertise to help you get what you deserve. 

If you need help with any business dispute, call us today at (770)-422-2300.

Aviation and Insurance Defense Litigation

Our firm handles defense matters both for and against insurance companies achieving excellent results for our clients. The firm is one of four approved firms for USAIG, the nation’s first aviation insurance company, in the state of Georgia.

If you need help with aviation or insurance defense, call us today at (770)-422-2300.


Condemnation/Eminent Domain Litigation

Our firm handles eminent domain and condemnation matters for many condemning authorities including Atlanta Gas Light, Georgia Transmission Corporation, Georgia Power Company, the City of Kennesaw and Cobb County. Our partner, Fred Bentley, Jr., was the lead lobbyist overseeing the Georgia legislature in overhauling Georgia’s condemnation laws in 2006, and has over 35 years of experience in handling complex eminent domain issues.

Additionally, the Bentley firm has handled and won hundreds of Condemnation matters, won appellate decisions, and has worked for both the private citizens/companies and the condemning authority, which ensures you that we have the expertise to achieve great results for you.

If you need help with a condemnation case, call us today at (770)-422-2300.

Government Relations and Zoning

Our partner, Fred Bentley, Jr., was the first in-house Cobb County attorney, and was responsible for drafting the Cobb Zoning Ordinances and establishing the Cobb County legal department. He was also a former Chairman of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce.

Our firm currently handles the legal work for the Kennesaw Development Authority, Kennesaw Downtown Development Authority, Kennesaw Urban Redevelopment Authority, Dawson County Development Authority, and the Power Springs Development Authority.

Having handled many zoning and local government matters in Cobb County and the City of Kennesaw, you know that you will have an effective and experienced attorney for any government relations matter.

If you need help with government relations or zoning, call us today at (770)-422-2300.